Brown Technology Innovations

Brown Technology Innovations

The mission of Brown Technology Innovations is to put Brown University’s technology first to drive commercial outcomes that benefit the University and society.

Putting Brown Technology First

The Brown University technology transfer office, called Brown Technology Innovations (BTI), supports the commercialization of technology and research discoveries made by Brown faculty and researchers. 

Brown Technology Innovations strives to provide faculty and inventors with the resources and support necessary to bring their ideas to impact.
From brain science to biomedical engineering to the arts and humanities, Brown researchers fuel discovery, solve global problems and confront complex 21st century challenges with a relentless focus on the greater good.

Innovation Showcase

BTI’s new annual Innovation Showcase, held during Rhode Island Startup Week, highlights Brown/Rhode Island startup activity, celebrates groundbreaking inventions, and offers networking opportunities.

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Meet the team behind Brown Technology Innovations and learn about their expertise, roles and areas of inquiry.
Brown Technology Innovations’ 2023 Annual Report includes stories about faculty inventors, startup company Walah Scientific (William Fairbrother) and new initiatives for FY24. (PDF)
Commercialization of inventions based on university research is an important way to develop valuable products as well as an effective mechanism to disseminate knowledge gained from basic research. Many products on the market today originated from basic research conducted at universities.  

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