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From brain science to biomedical engineering to the arts and humanities, Brown researchers fuel discovery, solve global problems and confront complex 21st century challenges with a relentless focus on the greater good.

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  • The Brown Technologies database is a catalogue of the latest discoveries from Brown faculty and their labs.
  • Commercial opportunities in the Brown Technologies database are ready for collaborative research, translational development or licensing (no login required to search opportunities).

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Brown University encourages its faculty to engage in research activities with industry.  Typically this is in the form of industry sponsorship of research - the corporate sponsor provides funding for a specified statement of work during a period of time. It is important that the faculty, students, and industry partners involved understand and appreciate the intellectual property and publication rights and obligations that each assumes. BTI strives to ensure that these rights and obligations are clearly explained to all involved parties, and are fair and in accordance with university policies.

Brown has a number of Schools and Centers/Institutes that exemplify its core areas of expertise including:

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Across many large universities, faculty startups have become a preferred vehicle for commercialization. BTI is supporting this effort via Entrepreneur Connect, an initiative to pair seasoned entrepreneurs with faculty inventors to create fundable startups.  

If you are an entrepreneur looking for your next start-up idea, contact us to learn about potential opportunities.

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Brown University plays a vital role in the economy of Providence and Rhode Island — as a top employer, community partner, and driver of economic development.

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